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We took Sea Snow, a Norwegian flaky salt from Aukra, and mixed it with flakes of Atlantic Kombu from Tekslo. You get the same great texture of a flaky salt with a deeper and wider flavor profile. You also get more nutrients like iodine and calcium while reducing your salt intake by 30%! See details.

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Søl - Seaweed and Kelp Grinder
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Dulse (pronounced like pulse with a D) is one of the most well known and most used seaweeds. It is famously known as “The Bacon of the Sea” for its distinct smoked flavor and it’s great red-ish color. Cooking with Dulse gives you a solid flavor enhancer, a delicious smoked undertone and a boat load of potassium and betakaroten!

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Flammehav - Seaweed and Kelp Grinder
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The Inferno Spice Blend

The Inferno Spice Blend is a unique spice blend based on the Japanese Furikake. A blend of Atlantic Kombu, chili, sesame seeds and Norwegian “sea snow” (Flaky salt from Aukra), that gives a spicy and delicious flavor enhancement to everything you have it on. Extra good on salmon, mushrooms, rice and meat.

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Seaweed Products

Seaweed are the sea vegetables, which is why we call it Sea Foods! These nutritious plants make every meal healthier and richer in taste. We have everything you need to try!

In this package you get Taco seasoning, Garam Masala, Pizza seasoning and Grill seasoning which all contain seaweed.

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of the sea

As the popularity of seaweed is growing, most people who hear about it are told all about the health benefits, how it could be a source of almost any nutrient out there. However, we believe the best thing about seaweed is the abundant store of delicious umami flavors! Nothing on earth will add so much to your meal as a healthy serving of seaweed.

No artifical stuff

Our spice-blends contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers, anti-coagulation agents or coloring. In fact, we swear they are all-natural blends of only spices and seaweed. Nothing else is needed! Seaweed has all the flavor you need, and even works as a preservative.

Guilt free food experience!

Our seaweed is all organic and sustainable! There is no need for fertilizers, pesticides, landmass or fresh water in either cultivation or harvesting of these delicious sea-plants. They absorb Co2 and are completely vegan. So, you can fully enjoy our entire line of Sjøsaker products, without an ounce of guilt.

With seaweed you get


Seaweed has many names in many languages, but, regardless if you call it Sjøsaker or seaweed, one thing is certain:

Seaweed contains calcium, iodine, vitamin-C and many other vitamins and minerals from which everyone in the family can benefit, yet it is often neglected when you’re looking for ways to improve your diet.

On top of that, it gives a great boost of flavor to any dish in which you put it. Whether it is breakfast eggs, steak and potatoes or fish soup, seaweed can play its part!

Try something new!


Just knowing how to use seaweed is a challenge for many. So, we made a series of simple recipes to show you how to get more tasty seaweed and all its healthy contents back into your favorite dishes.

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