Seaweed and Vitamins – Learn about different types and benefits

seaweed and vitamins

The habitat of seaweeds varies from species to species, but pretty much all of them spend large amounts of time exposed to direct sunlight while lounging in the water. As a result, seaweeds contain many forms of antioxidants, including vitamins and protective pigments.   What Are Vitamins, and Why Are They Good for You? Vitamins … Read more

Beta-karoten – Why edible Seaweed is rich with this element

Betakaroten and seaweed

Carotenoids, of which Beta-carotene is one, are powerful antioxidants. This means they fight the effect that oxygen has on certain parts of the body, i.e. rust. β-Carotene, in particular, is an orange photosynthetic pigment that is very important for photosynthesis. It is responsible for the orange color in carrots and many other fruits and vegetables … Read more

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