Who are we?



Runar Trellevik

CEO - Daily Manager

Since he has the day to day responsibility for our business, it is a good thing he has a solid background as a project manager. He has the ability to thing big (Maybe even HUGE!), but still keeps his feet well planted down on earth.


Robert Trellevik

CTO - Technical chief

Local knowledge, seamanship and common sense are all useful tools when Robert leads our efforts in harvesting, and drying our products. With creativity and a good head for technical solutions, he is constantly improving our rutines and procedures to make our products even better and cheaper.


JP Monsen

CMO - Marketing Manager

Jan Petter is a little extra happy to talk to new people, and is very focused on how they experience our products. That is why he has the main responsibility for marketing and the profile for both Tekslo and our product series Sjøsaker.

Try something new!

Learn to use seaweed in your food

Just knowing what to use the seaweed for is a challenge for many. So we made a series of simple recipes to show you how you can get more healthy nutrients into your favorite dishes.


Where The Atlantic Ocean meets The Northern Sea, and along the coast of Norway, lies an underused and fairly unknown natural resource. Our forefathers sustained themselves from the ocean for thousands of years, and for them seaweed was a vital source of vitamins and minerals.

All of us that started Tekslo were raised by the ocean, and together we share a dream of creating a more sustainable earth and reverse the trends on food and health as we introduce seaweed to the world.

Our harvest areas are located in the sea close to Tekslo lighthouse, west of the island Tofterøy on Sotra. With its perfect currents, clean clear water with high nutrient contents, no fish farming or other pollutants, it is an optimal site for finding high quality seaweed!

Vi harvest wild seaweed by hand from reefs, rocks and islets close to the coast. This allows us to carefully only collect the best quality. We then dry the seaweed in our custom designed room built inside a traditional boathouse.