Furikake Spicy Seaweed Seasoning
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This is a unique spice blend based on the Japanese Furikake. A blend of Atlantic Kombu, chili, sesame seeds and Norwegian “sea snow” (Flaky salt from Aukra), that gives a spicy and delicious flavor enhancement to everything you have it on. Extra good on salmon, mushrooms, rice and meat.


Product Description

How to use the product
Furikake is best when used over boiled rice, in pots or on fish and meat dishes. There is a lot of power in a small package, but at the same time Furikake offers more than just the taste of chili. With sesame seeds and seaweed, there is a round and interesting taste behind the strong chili. In addition, you get a dose of vital nutrients!

With the seaweed, sesame seeds and the chili you round of, spiced up and enhance the taste without using too much salt. You can therefore add flavor until you are satisfied with a clean conscience!

– Taste – Rich, round and spicy
– Smell – Fresh with a sting
– Color/look – Red, brown, and white flakes as well as white seeds

– Red Chili
– Sesame seeds
– Sea Snow (Salt from Aukra)
– Atlantic Kombu

Nutritional information
– Coming Soon

Technical info

  • Weight – 50 grams
  • Best before; See packaging for best before date
  • Store dry, closed and out of direct sunlight.
  • Allergies – Sesame seeds
    • May contain traces of shellfish – allergy sufferers should consult their doctor before ingesting seaweed as there might be small traces of shellfish in wild seaweed.
  • Where is it harvested; Close to the Tekslo Lighthouse outside Bergen, Norway

More about The Inferno Spice Blend
The Inferno Spice Blend is our version of the famous Japanese spice Furikake. It is said that the origin of Furikake came from trying to develop a product that would fight an increasing lack of calcium in the diet of Japanese people. Since much of the diet consisted of white rice, this spice was developed with ground fish bone, sesame seeds and seaweed to bring in several important minerals and other nutrients. The first name of this spice mix was “Gohan no Tomo” which means something like “A friend to rice”.


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