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Seaweed Salt

We took Sea Snow, a Norwegian flaky salt from Aukra, and mixed it with flakes of Atlantic Kombu from Tekslo. You get the same great texture of a flaky salt with a deeper and wider flavor profile. You also get more nutrients like iodine and calcium while reducing your salt intake by 30%!


Product Description

How to use the product
Seaweed Salt is used just like a regular salt. You do not need to spend more or less than you are used to.

With the Seaweed Salt we have gotten iodine back in your salt and that is good news! The other good news is that we have enhanced the flavor and reduced the amount of sodium you ingest.

– Taste – Salty and umami
– Smell – Fresh salt with a hint of sea
– Color/look – White and brown flakes

– “Sea Snow” salt
–  Atlantic Kombu

Technical info

  • Weight – 40 grams
  • Best before; See packaging for best before date – ca. 2 years from it was dried.
  • Store dry, closed and out of direct sunlight.
  • Allergies – Does not contain any known allergens
    • May contain traces of shellfish – allergy sufferers should consult their doctor before ingesting seaweed as there might be small traces of shellfish in wild seaweed.
  • Where is it harvested; Close to the Tekslo Lighthouse outside Bergen, Norway

More about
There are many who want you to be afraid to get too much salt in your diet, but your body needs a good amount of salt to work optimally. Too little salt can be as harmful as too much. The biggest problem with salt is that there is a lot of it in almost all the pre-fabricated foods we eat. Around 80% of the salt you get every day comes from these sources!

Unless you make all your food from scratch, it can be a good idea to watch the amount of salt that you use to sprinkle your plate. The seaweed we mix into our salt enhances the taste of the salt you use without getting as much sodium as pure salt.

PS. It should also be said that we are not experts in salt, and everyone is different, so we recommend that you consult your doctor to talk about salt consumption for you!

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